Augmented Theatre 2020, Uruguay, Montevideo

Actions against the invisible

‘’ You are here, and you should be thinking about how to escape. This is a theater without a function, an architecture without walls, they have prohibited and canceled the activities and it is no longer possible to stay in the same space in the imminent face of the invisible. The invisible is contagious and promises one of the most common fears: total blacking out. We are all going to fade, but not here, not in a theater, not trying to escape the invisible. The only solution to save yourself is to comply collectively. You are here and there is still time. You will comply with the necessary indications, no matter how outlandish they may seem, and you will be the protagonist of your own work: Augmented Theater, Actions Against the Invisible. ’’

Augmented Theater proposes activating the public space through a cultural, technological, architectural, recreational and pedagogical device mediated by artists, who, working in the territory, integrate the local community in each event. The project was born as a spatial alternative to the entertainment buildings, closed due to the pandemic. As an architecture without walls, the project proposes a full-scale board that refers to a typology of the Italian theater, to operate as a performative space, a human-scale role-playing board and an open-air theater. Augmented Theater was Uruguay's winning project in the Ideatón Volver a la Calle 2020 contest organized by the IDB Cities LAB and the Ciudades Comunes platform, where almost 500 proposals participated. The contest aimed to seek innovative solutions to reactivate public spaces in the post-pandemic city.


Team members : Federico Lagomarsino, Leonor Courtoisie, Joaquina Rivas, Federico Donner, Nicolás Arduino, Gastón Dufau, Pablo Gómez Oliver, Leticia Tanky

Project leader(s) : Federico Lagomarsino

Sponsors : IDB Cities LAB

Partners : Ciudades Comunes



Federico Lagomarsino

Photography: Ignacio Correa

Photography: Ignacio Correa

Photography: Ignacio Correa

Photography: Juan Nin

Federico Lagomarsino